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Become a stronger candidate for your target job by
mastering the 3-E career skills.

Entrepreneurial Career Workshop

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What to expect from FutureFit program

Discover the essence of entrepreneurship

Uncover the secrets behind the success stories of renowned entrepreneurs. Learn to navigate challenges, embrace failures, and cultivate a growth mindset that sets the foundation for entrepreneurial excellence.

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Whether you're aspiring to launch your own business or enhance your employability as a leader and go-getter

This workshop gives you the skills and experience to appreciate the thrills and perils of choosing either pathways. It is tailor-made to inspire, empower, and propel you towards your goals with renewed passion!

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What you will learn?

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards personal and professional success? In this 3-hour workshop, we've carefully crafted an immersive experience that includes practical exercises and gamified activities to ensure an experiential learning adventure and deep learning.

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship skills

Participate in a business idea quest that encourages creativity and collaborative and strategic thinking. Develop your ability to identify opportunities and present compelling concepts, a vital skill if you are working in a large enterprise or when venturing out as an entrepreneur.

Networking Skills

How to forge meaningful connections. Start ona networking adventure, connecting with fellow participants in a fun and structured environment. Strengthen your professional network and gain insights into the power of effective and lasting relationship-building.

Resource Management Skills

Access Valuable Resources. Learn to navigate, find and use a variety of resources and tools essential for your enterprise or entrepreneurial journey. Power up your skills with recommended reading, websites, and courses, setting the stage for continuous learning and growth.

Benefits of FutureFit program

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Incorporates gamification for engaging and active participation. Enhances information retention through hands-on activities.

Provides practical advice and experiences to appreciate enterprise and entrepreneurial pathways, supports informed career decisions.

Covers essential enterprise and entrepreneurial skills. Participants gain a well-rounded skill set for success in various career paths.

Encourages creativity, problem-solving, and real-world application. Participants engage in activities like business idea generation and start-up simulation.


What are the things needed to be prepared for you to successfully complete this program...


Only 3 hours of your time!

This programme has been enhanced with gamification and practical exercises to maximise the learning time, so you get more for each hour with us

Fully Sponsored

Fully sponsored program!

It is also sponsored by leading companies in job recruitment and training, namely, Job Majestic and T:Hub.

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